At PeopleTools we offer and continuously develop new HR tools. Some make it possible to work even deeper with our profiles and can be used as a supplement in the given process where profiles are applied, while other tools/games can be used without the profiles and do not require any prior knowledge of our profiles or certification.

The games  PeopleTwist, PeopleQuest and the competency cards are handed out for free at our certification course.

At this time, the games are only available in Danish. If you are interested in using the tools in other languages, please give us a call and we will figure something out together.

Competency cards

The PeopleTools Competency cards can be used in both employment processes or development processes. They illustrate 27 personal competencies which potentially can be deducted from the personality traits in the factors of the personality profile. The cards also line out the potential behavior underlying the competency.

The cards require a certification in our personality profile. A deck of cards will be handed out for free at our certification and user seminars.

Team Profile exercise book

With the exercise book you will have a tool, which will help make the employees reflect on their own strengths, weaknesses and potentials in a team as well as the strengths, weaknesses and potentials or their co workers and how this affects the team.


The 12 factors/personality traits and their strengths and weaknesses in a collaboration

The teams and the individual’s competencies in

Relations and empathy

Ideas and involvement

Results and drive

Quality and realism

10 exercises based on the profile’s reports which form the foundation for further dialogue, increased self-awareness and understanding and will strengthen the team’s potential.

Examples of exercises:

  • Self-evaluations about the individual and the team
  • How do you react to the personal profile and behavior of others?
  • Ofman core quadrant

The book is free for certified user and requires a certification in our Personality Profile.


PeopleTwist is a game which can help you facilitate respectful and inspiring dialogues about behaviour, personal strengths and competencies.

The game can be used in teams or by managers and employees in review dialogues. If you wish to use the game in larger groups, you can easily use more than one game at a time.

Besides the deck of cards, we have included three different suggestions for how the game could be used and implemented in your organisation.


PeopleQuest is a card game, where you in a fun and educational way can get to know your colleagues – or your team-  and their behavior better. The game can be part of a team process, but is not suited for a team with conflicts.

You do not need to be a certified user since the game is not dependent of knowledge of any of our profiles.

A deck of cards consists of 45 questions, 18 answer cards and 1 reflection card, which sums up what you have learned about yourself and others by playing the game. This card is a good way of ending a game session.

The game can be played by 3-6 users and it is up to you how long a game lasts. We recommend 30 – 60 minutes to gain the most from the process.

PeopleToolbox and dialogue cards

An exercise book for facilitating processes based on the PeopleTools Team Profile. The set consists of 120 dialogue cards and a book containing 31 exercises.

The participants in the given process will through the exercises gain an understanding, insight and knowledge about their own profiles as well as that of their colleagues. This forms the foundation for further developing the team work and for creating results.