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On this page you can sign up for one of our seminars or our certification noncommittally. We will contact you accordingly to learn more about your needs and tell you more about the practical aspects of the certification before you sign up for the course.

To maintain a high quality our certifications are carried out in smaller teams and the teaching is very intensive. During the certification, the profiles of the participants will be included as part of the practical training and interpretation exercises.

PeopleTools is a member of the Center for Knowledge of Professional Assessment. We follow the ethical principals as published by Dansk Psykologisk Forlag: Guidelines for the usage of tests.

You can also read more about our ethical guidelines here.

Team Profile Seminar – develop your team by focusing on personal strengths, weaknesses and potentials 

Based on theory and cases, you will learn how to use the profile in groups or teams, including collaborations, potential conflicts or innovation in teams.

You will be trained to prepare, interpret and analyze how the profile and the ensuing knowledge can be applied to teams. You will work with different learning levels in teams as well as with which procedural considerations and differences that might be a possible obstacle for learning.


After the seminar you will be able to:

  • Work with strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities in teams
  • Facilitate processes which improve collaboration and achieved results in the group.
  • Increase the teams synergy
  • Determine why potential conflicts may arise in a team
  • Create awareness about the teams and the individual’s  behaviour, preferences and personality patterns.

Manager Profile Seminar – when you wish to uncover personal resources, competencies and development areas in your managers

The seminar is adressed to those who wish to use the PeopleTools Manager profile as part of a manager-or talent development process. You will train the preparation and interpretation of the profile as well as how to present the results to the manager. You will work with manager evaluations on an ethical, strategic, tactical and operational level. This includes clarification and prioritizing the most important possible areas for improvement as well as employee involvement.

After the seminar you will be able to:

  • Uncover the managers personal resources and capabilities
  • Facilitate manager development processes focusing on competency development
  • Give the manager the opportunity to understand and work with his/her behaviour as a manager based on the assessment from the profile.
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