PeopleTools – more than 25 years of experience working with and developing personality profiles


PeopleTools is the name of our five profiling tools, which have been especially developed for the Scandinavian business culture. With the profiles, your recruitment processes as well as your manager, specialist or team development will be structured, accurate and nuanced all tied together with a common language for discussing human behaviour.

We offer:

  • Consultancy based on our profiles. We can assist with recruitment, manager or team development processes
  • Assistance in implementing the usage of the PeopleTools profiles in your organisation
  • Certification in the usage of our profiles.

As a member of the Videnscenter for Professional Personvurdering (Center for Knowledge of Professional Assessment), PeopleTools has joined the ethical principles related to professional personal assessments. You can read more about our ethical guidelines here.

A brief story of PeopleTools

1980s: Kaalbye – Managament, Organisation and Collaboration starts developing a personality assessment tool, which becomes the cornerstone of what PeopleTools is today.

1990s: Lars Kolind og Vibeke Riemer gradually takes over working with the profiles. The Personality Profile was joined by the Team Profile and the Manager Profile(360º)

2013: The consultancy Mindbiz takes over PeopleTools. The Sales profile, the 2nd Opinion Profile as well as the HR-games PeopleQuest and PeopleTwist are added to the PeopleTools toolbox.