PeopleTools has an attractive business model which makes it economically easy and flexible for HR consultants, external consultants and HR professionals to choose and start using a (new) personality testing tool. The personality profiles are dialogue-based and characterized by a language that is easily understandable.

At PeopleTools you get…

  • Training and education in the usage of our profiles in your own company
  • Help with personality assessments in recruitments
  • Tools that support management teams and other teams in fully exploiting their resources
  • Support, advice and feedback if/when needed

Upcoming events

Certificering i profilværktøjer6. - 7. april 202209.00 - 16.00Skanderborg12. maj 2022Holdet er fyldt
Erfa-dag1. juni 202209.00 - 14.00Skanderborg-Ledige pladser
Erfa-dag7. juni 202210.00 - 14.30København-Ledige pladser
Webinar Styrkebaseret Talentrapport14. juni 202209.30 - 11.30Virtuelt-Ledige pladser
Webinar Styrkebaseret Talentrapport27. juni 202213.00 - 15.00Virtuelt-Ledige pladser
Certificering i profilværktøjer8. - 9. juni 202209.00 - 16.00Skanderborg16. august 2022Ledige pladser
Certificering i profilværktøjer31. august - 1. september 202209.00 - 16.00København18. oktober 2022Ledige pladser
Certificering i profilværktøjer3. - 4. oktober 202209.00 - 16.00Skanderborg15. november 2022Ledige pladser
Erfa-dag6. september 202210.00 - 15.00København-Ledige pladser
Erfa-dag8. september 202209.00 - 14.00Skanderborg-Ledige pladser
Erfa-dag1. december 202209.00 - 14.00Skanderborg-Ledige pladser
Erfa-dag7. december 202210.00 - 14.30København-Ledige pladser

What do our customers think?

”Time is often a critical element in recruitments. There is a lot to gain – and money to save – with a quick on boarding process for new employees in the organization”.

Jørgen Keinicke,  KEINICKE ledelsesrådgivning

“PeopleTools delivers useful and easily applicable tools. I have rarely seen such a thorough and user-friendly tool that can be used for recruitment, development and teamwork all at the same time. It is also important to me that the tools have been developed on the basis of Danish corporate culture and the way to act in business. It gives a great sense of responsiveness to respondents. My very best recommendation! 

– Susanne Højbjerg, HR Effekt A/S

“”It is my experience, that the hiring commitee is very thankful for the help I can offer by applying the PeopleTools Profile in recruitments. They become much more focused on which competencies they seek in the candidate.”

– Tenna Ernst, Skanderborg Kommune