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PeopleTools develops and delivers accurate and profound personality profiles, as well as team and manager profiles, based on Danish corporate culture. The tools are validated and based on prominent personality theories and research.

We provide the following tools:

The Personality Profile – for recruitments or personal development

The Personality Profile provides a nuanced and accurate picture of a person’s personality traits, driving forces, motives, and behavior. Through a variety of personality factors and their cohesiveness the profile shows different sides of the individuals personality. The profile forms the basis for a dialogue in which we discuss and clarify the person’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to a concrete situation. The profile can help qualify decisions in employment situations, personal competency development, specific challenges or criteria for succes.

Self-evaluation – a deeper personal insight
In the feedback dialogue the personality factors are described for the for individual who at the same time fills out a self-evaluation – the individual’s perception of his/her own personality traits. This evaluation is shown next to the profile diagram, where the individual’s reply is et up against our valid norm group. Similarities and differences between the two and what may be the cause of this can be examined in the dialogue. This way, you get an idea of how the individual perceives him/herself and how he/she may be perceived by others based on the norm group. This makes it easy to sum up a person’s strengths, weaknesses and competencies in relation to job and perfomance demands.

Use the Personality Profile if you wish to…

  • Get a nuanced picture of an individual’s needs, personality, behavior and motives
  • Ensure high precision in your recruitments
  • Have a solid and well-documented tool for organizational development
  • Unveil an employee’s potentials, strengths and possible development areas.
  • Have a user friendly, efficient and central profiling tool for coaching, recruitment and personal development at all organisational levels

Facts about the Personality Profile

Scope: 210 questions
Target group: New or existing employees

Time for completion: approx. 25 min

Feedback: 45 min –  1.5 hours depending on the process
Rapporter: Self-evaluation, profile diagrams and an overview of the 27 personal competencies

Certification: 2 days + 1 day for examination and follow-up.

The Team Profile – Strengthen your team work by knowing each others preferences and work behaviour

The Team Profile can support the team in creating joint results by offering the group a common, neutral language to discuss the team’s strength and potential for good collaboration.

The Team Profile can be applied when starting up new collaborations in projects and teams, in the further development of existing teams or pre-emptively in relation to large changes that may affect the relations in the group. The individual member of the team will gain knowledge an insight about himself/herself and can then take responsibility for his/her own actions, which will benefit the teams well-being and efficiency:

What can I do to make me and my team better?

Use the Team Profile if you wish to…

  • Strengthen the teamwork and the team’s potential in task-solutions for the benefit of the organization
  • Strengthen the individual employee’s personal development and well-being in the job/team
  • Use valid personality profiles as the foundation for future plans to improve the group’s joint collaboration and performance
  • Make it easy for the individual to work with his/her own profile – where are my strengths and potential development opportunities in this team?

Facts about the Team Profile

Scope: 84 questions
Målgruppe: Teams at all organisational levels
Time for completion: approx. 15 min
Reports: Profile diagrams + team competencies as well as the joint profile of the team
Introduction: 1 day – requires a certification in our Personality Profile

The Manager Profile – Insight into your own behaviour is especially important when leading others

The Manager Profile (360°) shows the manager’s personal resources, competencies and possible areas of development. The profile is partly based on the manager’s self-perception of his/her behaviour/personality traits and partly on the perception of relevant employees/stakeholders. With the profile, the manager has a good baseline for increasing the value of his/her effort in the organization. The respondents do not evaluate the manager on scales that says whether the manager is good or bad at something. They provide the manager with a nuanced feedback on how his/her behaviour is perceived by his surroundings, which can be compared directly to the manager’s self-perception on the personality factors/traits in the profile. The profile not only shows the respondent’s perception of the manager on the factors and competencies, but also which personality traits the perception might stem from.

How can you as a manager work with and further develop your management skills?

Use the Manager Profile if you wish to…

  • Help the manager gain a deeper personal insight and give him/her an opportunity to work with his/her leadership behavior
  • Provide the manager with a foundation for increasing the value of his/her effort towards his/her main stakeholders.
  • Link the manager evaluation to the organization’s most important leadership competency demands.
  • Have a strong HR-tool to continuously develop the manager’s competencies ensure the manager’s continuing competency development.

Facts about the Manager Profile

Scope: 150 questions

Target group: Managers at all organisational levels

Time for completion: approx. 20 min

Feedback: 1.5 hours – dialogue about the profile with focus on the manager’s behaviour and possible development areas.

Reports:  Profile diagram, including the anonymous evaluation from employees/stakeholders on the profiles personality factors and up to 27 personal competencies.

Introduction: 1 day – requires a certification in our Personality Profile.

The Sales Profile – when you wish to develop your sales competencies and your behaviour in sales

The salesmen’s behaviour is often crucial to the success of the company.

Therefore, it is also relevant with an in-depth knowledge of the behavior of your salespeople in the sales situation and how they can develop their sales competencies further.

The Sales Profile can contribute to awareness and dialogue in the individual salesmen’s development. The Sales Profile defines five different roles in the sale, which is inspired by the Challenger Sale (Dickson & Matthew, 2013).

Several studies have identified the main aspects, which can make a difference in the sales situation. With the Sales profile, this theory will be combined with a valid and in-depth personality profile, which shows the individual salesmen’s competencies within each of the five sales roles:

  • The challenging sales person
  • The independent sales person
  • The problem-solving sales person
  • The hard-working sales person
  • The relationship-oriented person

Use the Sales Profile if you wish to…

  • Target your training and coaching of the sales person to unfold his/her full potential in sales.
  • Challenge the sales person’s awareness about his/her own strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of sales.

Facts about the Sales Profile

Scope: 210 spørgsmål

Target group: Sælgere på alle udviklingstrin

Time for completion: 25 minutter

Feedback: 1,5 time

Reports:  Personality Profile and overview of the individuals competencies in relation to each sales role.

Certification:  Requires certification in our Personality Profile

The 2nd Opinion Profile – an exciting supplement to the traditional references in recruitments

With the 2nd Opinion Profile you can add as much as three respondents to a new or an already existing personality profile. The purpose of the 2nd Opinion Profile is to get a clearer image of how the candidate is perceived by others in comparison to how he/she perceives his/her own personality and behaviour. The profile can be used in recruitment processes or talent development as a supplement to the traditional way of getting references.

Use the 2nd Opinion Profile if you wish to…

  • Get a quick and visual overview of the coherence between the respondent’s perception of the candidate’s job behaviour and personality.
  • Get an overview of the personality traits and behaviour patterns that might need further investigation in the profile feedback dialogue  – or in the 2nd job interview

Facts about the 2nd Opinion Profile 

Scope: 150 spørgsmål

Target group: References or co-workers

Time for completion: ca. 25 min

Feedback (for the candidate): 1.5 hours

Reports:  Diagram comparing the reference’s answers to those of the candidate.

Can be used as part of the feedback dialogue or as part of the overall assessment of the candidate.

Certification: Requires a certification in our Personality Profile.

HR – evaluations –  a tool that can be 100% adapted to your needs

PeopleTools 360 and PeopleTools analysis are flexible and easily accessible web-based platforms where you have the opportunity to make your own evaluations with an unlimited number of questions, respondents, areas of evaluation and report forms.

Use the evaluations if you wish to…

  • Have an HR tool that can be 100% adapted to you and your organization’s needs
  • Have a flexible tool for personal development and improvements in the organization
  • Have manager evaluations that is 100% based on the organizations manager codex
  • Minimize the time used on evaluations and have easily understandable reports

Fakta om HR målinger

Scope: Depends on your needs and size of the project

Target group:  All levels in the organization

Time for completion:  Depends on the scope of the evaluation.

Feedback: Individual

Rapporter:  Numerous report designs for your every need

Certification: No certification required.

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