At PeopleTools we educate and certify you in the usage of our personality profiles in e.g. recruitments or manager-and team development processes. As a certified user you can give a professional and respectful assessment of an individual, which creates a safe and positive experience for the individual. You will be able to unveil a person’s presumed behaviour in the job as well as his/her needs and motivations. You will be able to work effectively with personal development as well as coaching.

One certification gives you full access to our profile toolbox

Our certification can be completed over 3 days. 2 days of teaching and 1 day for examination. Prior to the certification you will be asked to fill out a profile yourself and received a detailed feedback from a PeopleTools consultant. Prior to the examination day, you will have to complete three rehersal feedbacks.

When you have completed the certification, you will automatically have access to and be able to use our Team and Manager profile. If you wish, we continuously host seminars where the usage of these and our other additional profile types will be dealt with in detail. Attending the seminars is not a requirement for using these profile types.

Our certifications takes place in both Jutland and Copenhagen.

Your advantages

  • Receive a free profile and feedback before the certification
  • As part of the certification you get three free practice profiles
  • As a certified user you will have free access to our system and our free materiales such as introduction booklets, power points etc.
  • We offter the best prices and conditions on the marked. You will have no running costs.
  • To ensure high quality, the certification is intense and in small groups.
  • During the certification you and your fellow course participants will be able to use your own profiles when practising the feedback dialogue and interpretation of the profile.